One thing that I have had to try and come to terms with is that because I am now starting to gain back some of my physical health after my heart attack, people now think I am 100 percent well and will judge me as such.

It is really weird to have some one say to your face ‘well you can do that know that your better’, when they know full well that your recovery is not a thing that happens quickly or even fully. It will still be some time before I return to my pre-heart attack fitness level and I may never get any better then that as far as I know at the moment without medical intervention. I hope that increasing my fitness, will allow my body to strength my heart around what was damaged/bruised. At this point I just don’t know.

I think people need to consider that whilst recovering it is imperative that a person maintains their perceived level of exertion to around 3 out of 10, which depending on the damage done can be a slow walk or a slightly brisk pace on an exercise bike. It is up to the individual themselves to gauge this. No one else. can.

I feel even more sorry for those suffering with Chronic Fatigue etc. as it is equally as hard to predict when energy levels ebb and flow, I have enough trouble myself. But at least with exercise my body will hopefully build more resilience and therefore give me more strength in return.

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All the best to you all!