So it has been a while since I have written about my heart attack and my recovery. I guess it can be hard to put into words some days, just how I feel about the situation and the thoughts that run through my head.

I’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to live more normally. Trying not to live my life like I have a time bomb in my chest (which is what it felt like when I first left the hospital).

I have begun cardiac rehab, with a bunch of really nice people, and I think that is really helping me get my head around what I can and can’t do still, and what are these thoughts going through my head….. are they normal? Turns out they pretty much are and I’m one of the far too many people that suffer from heart disease.

In some ways being in a group of people that have had it worse helps me keep my life in perspective in other ways, it makes me sad. So many of these people have lived their lives like it isn’t worth that much, one fella even told us that he has never been able to eat vegetables because he can’t stand the taste or the texture. God did I feel sorry for this guy to have gone 40+ years without ever being able to develop a love for food that isn’t meat or deep fried potato.

In the group which happens once a week, we get the opportunity to work out on some pretty sweet equipment, to help us develop good workout practices and to help us build our confidence in being able to exercise without supervision as part of our recovery.

The discussion groups sort of feels like an AA meeting or what I imagine they are like.