Richmond would have to be one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist attractions, As you walk down the main road you can feel the history, the spirit of a bygone era still seeps from every corner.

Sitting in amidst a trove of businesses centred on some of Tasmania’s finest food and wine, each moment spent in the heart of the Coal River Valley just asks you to stay longer and search for the next gem, the next sensory delight.

Richmond was forged long ago as an important military post and was necessary link in the chain of the convict trail connecting Hobart with the Port Arthur convict settlement.

The village of Richmond is a pretty amazing blend of architecture famous for Georgian styling, with beautiful heritage buildings dating back as early as the 1820’s.

Feeling these old homesteads is now a wide array of business varying from Tasmanian crafts and jewelry to the all important and not to be missed lolly shop.

Of special mention is my personal favourite, the Richmond Tasting House. Which holds a wide sampling of the the flavours that make the Coal River Valley and it surrounds so special. I could gone on for ever about some of the things that they sell within, but do yourself a favour and give there website a look.

For a simple but quite refined experience, I’d have to suggest the Wicked Cheese Co.
Every occassion, I have had to visit this location as been met by the most wonderful staff, the service they give each customer is on par with that of your higher end restaurants to be perfectly honest.

When you mix such a high level of service with such a wonderful product, honestly you just can’t go wrong, especially when paired with the lovely wine selection.

Speaking of wine, I don’t know what to say about Coal valley region, it to me has a flavour profile that is absolutely amazing. I think the pages creek winery and the puddle duck winery are simply my favourites of the region, in saying that I would happily partake of any of the other wines that are produced in this fantastic location.

If you choose to visit this location, I can only suggest taking your time to just soak it all in including the wine :).